This is where we stop preaching about focusing on business objectives, audience and tactical considerations and say let’s get down to mapping a digital strategy and solution  to your business! event technology images

The reality is that technology is important, very important for a successful event experience both in person and online. MDP has worked with many organizations from general education on solutions and customer use experiences to planning, vendor identification, RFP development and vendor recommendations. We don’t align with specific technology providers (though we gravitate toward trusted, highly experienced providers) and put your needs above all else. That said, if you are contracting with us to provide the technology solution, no just consult with you, we will need to be responsible for the final decision when it comes to the solution providers we engage.

At MDP we feel very strongly that your various technology solutions must, at least, be capable of integration but the decision on what is integrated will, of course, be yours.

What we focus on:


Email Services

Community Platforms

Social Media Platforms


Mobile Solutions

Lead Capture

Event Marketing Automation

Live Streaming

Virtual Environments

Content Capture

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