Technology Services

We help clients do three things when it comes to technology: 1.) identify the business drivers supporting a technology solution and craft needs requirements to achieve those objectives, 2.) understand the full range of applicable products, services and providers, and provide insight into proposed solutions and 3.)  provide a complete turnkey solution utilizing MDP program and project management services and appropriate third party technology solutions.

Nearly every project we work on has the need for creation of a web presence either as a standalone or a microsite integrated into an existing site. We have extensive web design, and user interface experience as well as competency in various content management platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.  We have the resources to develop code and integrate with just about any vendor’s APIs from creation of single sign on (SSO) solutions to application integrations.

Email Services
We are familiar with and have used most of the major email services on the market as well as being capable of developing an in-house solution for high volume, high frequency programs. We partner with and have favorable pricing relationships with some of the top list providers in the industry with special access and success with IT-related list needs.

Community Platforms
Whether it’s setting up and managing a LinkedIn group, a private community solution or an event specific solution, MDP has experience in all domains. We will help you decide the right direction for your needs and then work with you to set up a community, curate content, manage engagement and promote membership and use.

Social Media Platforms
We manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pintrest  and LinkedIn accounts for clients and include listening and response services during events or on a day-to-day basis. We also help organizations decide where they should be focused in social media and what social media success looks like for their unique situation…and then measure it.

We work with most of the enterprise-level registration companies although calling any of them just a registration company is wrong given the breadth of solutions they provide. Registration, especially a complex registration, is something you only want to trust to the established companies that do this work every day and in order to minimize as much integration as possible, look to them for lead capture, content management, mobile (in some cases), exhibitor and sponsor management and logistics and partner tracking.

Mobile Solutions
There are more event mobile solutions out there than you can ever hope to evaluate as it is the largest category of event technology companies with perhaps 200 out there. We work with companies that are devoted to mobile event solutions as opposed to digital agencies that can also build an event app. In our experience, trouble occurs most often when you try and hire someone to “build you an app” or go to someone that has not done hundreds of events using their mobile technology. MDP can help find the right, trusted solution for your unique needs.

Lead Capture
There are lots of changes going on in the lead capture area; from mobile solutions that use your smart phone and dedicated apps to RFID (radio frequency ID), NFC (near field communications) and location aware services. Many now are integrated with LinkedIn to augment profile information and more are nearing the integration of CRM (such as salesforce) and marketing automation solutions. We’ll be able to help you evaluate the current solutions and advise on integrations with your existing systems.

Event Marketing Automation
This is a new, up-and-coming category of event technology solutions and we expect to see more products come into the market at both the enterprise level as well as smaller scale solutions for smaller events and online programs. MDP has experience in deploying solutions for the full range of needs.

Live Streaming
We’ve produced over 100 live streamed programs and used streaming providers from every category of streaming service levels from full-service to DIY (do it yourself). We offer both consulting for organizations looking to find, specify and manage their own programs to those desiring a turnkey, white glove service. MDP will craft a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Virtual Environments
Although its quite possible to embed your live streamed program into an existing website, most of the time people are looking for additional features and functionality that requires a virtual environment specifically designed to encompass all of your event requirements. MDP has worked directly with most vendor’s solutions and can help guide you to the right solution as well as manage aspects of the program for you.

Content Capture
Sometimes it just doesn’t require a live stream to meet your business objectives and simple content capture using audio synched with slides or full VGA video recording with speaker video and slides included. MDP can assist with the development of the business case for the capture and subsequent marketing or monetization plan as well as guide you along the technology and service provider selection process.

Perpetual  Environments
Persistent environments, sometimes called perpetual environments, the concept is the same, a continuous (24 X 7 X 365) environment where content can be hosted and made available to anyone any time they need it (on-demand viewing).  These environments can also serve as the location for live streamed programs and communities for discussion around your programs.купить игровойкупить защитную пленку на планшетfreelance escorts in klразмещение контекстной рекламы на яндексеmiami rent apartmentvibercrackреклама в метро спблучший андроид планшет 2013лобановский александр